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Jessica Simpson Fan Flick

Jessica Simpson fan flick

An intriguing story about the life of Jessica Simpson. This story is based on true events with some added imagination :).

Keep an eye on the Jessica Simpson frontpage as new chapters are being written every Tuesday and Friday, up to 100 chapters!</p>

Here is an excerpt of Chapter 15 as a sort of sneak preview:

The entire time Jess was on stage, she had her mind on one thing, Nick. All she was thinking about was him and the way he had looked at her.

He made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the entire world, just by the way he looked at her. Jessica didn't understand it, but there was just something about him that drew her in. She really wanted to get to know him better.

Jessica came off the stage with the biggest smile on her face. She was happy that her performance went well, but she was more excited that now she would be able to talk to Nick some more. She hoped that he would agree to write some more songs for her.

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